Take It To The Next Level With Inspired Speaking And Leadership

 Leaders who magnetize, embody that special something – a compelling, intangible presence that people feel even before a word is spoken. From this place, words attract, inspire, influence and compel deep listening from audiences of all sizes.


That special something lives inside of you. In fact, your success depends on unleashing it.


With this Level II Training, not only will you master the art of public speaking, you will also learn to embrace and embody your unique authentic leadership presence. 


This unique training will help you achieve an entirely new sense of self, and unwind negative childhood psychological programs that have kept you playing small. Studies show that when we are not seen, heard and acknowledged to step into our fullest potential as children, it creates an imprint of playing small as an adult. We’ll change that here.














Finding that special something inside requires deactivating old programs, trigger responses and sparking your pure potential that may have been buried beneath the surface. Once these patterns are cleared, you will find the freedom to express yourself freely and powerfully.


Your boldest self will emerge. You will walk away from the Inspired Speaking and Leadership training full

of powerful communication skills, know exactly how to show up to influence others, and move a room with your authentic presence. You will trust in your ability to be yourself “with all eyes on you,”  to deliver your message in an entirely new way which includes having a deep listening for your audience as you speak with confidence, resilience, courage and executive presence.


98% of those who complete this class are excited to implement the public speaking techniques they've learned in presentations of all sizes, even on a public stage.



Two full days of public speaking and leadership training - only $997


In Just Two Days, You Will:


  • Step fully into your presence, purpose, and power

  • Master the skills of public speaking

  • Captivate your audience within seconds

  • Establish rapport with most everyone you encounter

  • Connect with and move your audience to action

  • Ignite your personal brand and inspired leadership style

  • Experience exactly how to bring out excellence in those around you

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Whether you’re looking to move past paralyzing stage fright, get more comfortable speaking to a group, better connect with your audience, or just want to shine in business or social situations, Lynn will help you achieve your goals! I have struggled with stage fright for as long as I can remember. Lynn’s class was so helpful – I am feeling not just more comfortable with speaking to a group, but am better able to project my voice, connect with a group, and have even had an easier time blogging lately!  And what a great group of women! There is no better place to feel safe and supported as you improve your speaking skills. Lynn is a phenomenal coach.

- Marisa Nelson, Attorney

Upcoming Dates



  • Saturdays, Dec. 7th & 14th


     Next Year - 2020

  • March 14th & 21st

  • May 30th & June 6th

  • Sept. 12th & 19th

  • Nov. 14th & 21st


 *All workshops are Satrudays,, 9:45 am- 6:30 pm -  Innerstate Cowork, 255 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park.  

***Satisfaction Guarantee: 100 percent money back guarantee if not completely satisfied after fully participating and completing the program.


This is a special class with a limited number of students, and your presence is important. If you must reschedule your registration dates, please contact speakersupport@yesyoucanspeaknow.com. Any changes in pre-registered dates within 14 days (without prior authorization) of your scheduled class will result in a $450 change fee. Alternatively, you may transfer your space to a friend, family member, or colleague. Class fees are non-refundable.