A Powerful Online Speaker Training Program

So you can speak like a pro with ZERO fear and maximum impact

     Show up with confidence whether you're online or rockin' it in front of a crowd 





Irresistible Public Speaking

Does this feel familiar?

You aren’t speaking up and being heard in meetings, and it may be even tougher in this new paradigm of seemingly constant video calls. You aren’t leaning in, you aren’t commanding the stage, you aren’t communicating with confidence. 

The sad part is that you are just as qualified, hard-working and capable. 


The only thing standing in the way is Fear. Ugh...

Fear that. Doesn't. Make. Sense. 

  • You plan things out in your head - only to completely go blank when the time comes to actually speak. 

  • You over-prepare, or can’t even begin to prepare because the fear is unbearable and keeps you floundering. 

  • You start to speak up, but the stuttering, stumbling, the speed talking kicks in and things fall flat before you can finish your first sentence.

  • You are too scared to ask questions or share your ideas in team meetings - so you get overlooked again. 

  • You feel unheard, talked over, and invisible in the boardroom.

  • You are ready to take on leadership roles but aren’t confident enough to inspire people to follow.

  • You can’t connect when you speak to groups of people, which means the audience tunes out, and you struggle to finish your presentation. 

Uplevel your game and step into your executive presence with this 
 online Level I public speaker training

  • Deliver under pressure

  • Speak in a way that truly inspires action

  • Captivate your audience - online or in-person - within seconds

  • Master the practical skills of public speaking

  • Ignite your personal brand 

  • Kick your fear or anxiety to the curb 

  • Find your secret sauce and your speaking superpowers


This interactive online training is a transformational experience that combines four group classes on zoom plus four private (optional) CORE Repatterning breakthrough speaker coaching sessions to help you find your voice,

step into your power and grow your influence.


Join us for Level I - Irresistible Public Speaking - on Zoom for four, 3-hour sessions.

                 Next trainings begins September 2021.



   September 11th, 18th, 25th & October 2nd

        ***Each  group meets Saturdays, 10 am - 1:30 pm PT

*Six Hours of CORE Repatterning Private Coaching - optional and an extremely powerful add-on

***These private sessions are designed to help you dig into the specific causes of your fears and neutralize those experiences. Soon you won’t have to just cope with fear anymore. CORE gets to the root cause of your fear so you can eliminate it, once and for all.



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Ready to speak without fear and captivate your audience from anywhere? 

Join the more than 3,000 professionals who broke through their public speaking anxiety, even when they didn't believe it would ever work for them!







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 Just $997.00 for this interactive group training


Bundle your workshop purchase with CORE Repatterning  


Clients from our live trainings have not only developed the skills they needed to speak more effectively, captivate an audience, and grow their impact - they’ve been able to do it with

ease and flow. 


          Here’s what a few of these movers and shakers had to say about their experience.

Throughout my life, I had social anxiety to the point that I would be sick from school. It was truly disabling. As I got older, I pushed myself because I was taught that I should "just get over myself" and that "practice makes perfect," but even when I would lead lectures and study groups in college, practice certainly wasn't making me perfect, and I still experienced horrible anxiety at work.


Shortly after I worked with Lynn, I went from speaking in front of our small group to speaking on a panel in front of 100 people, and I was so successful speaker that several people came up to me afterward to thank me and network with me! This is huge. Lynn's program is truly remarkable. It is nothing like Toastmasters or other public speaking programs. Instead of creating an environment of blame or criticism that is all too common, Lynn's program creates a wonderfully uplifting environment that only celebrates accomplishments.


Lynn also teaches unique and essential techniques that are not taught elsewhere.
I have much less anxiety and have found the power of my voice. I am showing up for myself in ways I never believed possible, and I am a more successful entrepreneur because of this. Thanks so much, Lynn!

- Monique Marie DeJong, Visionary Marketing Writer, & Personal Brand Alchemist

If you have trouble standing in front of tens, hundreds, or thousands of people, if you think you are not good enough, if you speak too fast on the stage, if you can't connect with your audience, if you don't believe that you can get a standing round of applause, then this is a course for you. You will come out believing in yourself, able to connect with the audience and hence engage much better, you will feel comfortable on the stage with words flowing, you will slow down yourself naturally, your body and mind will be in complete harmony.


This course fundamentally focusses on the foundation of public speaking so that you feel comfortable speaking on the stage anytime on any topic. The reality is that if you feel comfortable on the stage, and can connect with the audience, the rest is just good slides and your domain knowledge on the topic. For all left-brained people, it may look awkward at first but just hang in there till the end of the session and you will see a remarkable transformation in yourself. I personally went from 1000 knots/hour to 10 knots/hour in my delivery speed and can connect with my audience significantly better on stage and off.

Kamal Gupta, Sr. Engineering Leader


I really enjoyed working with Lynn. Her bright energy easily transferred to me. The private sessions were great. We identified and released exactly what I needed so that I now feel confident to speak. The classes were just wonderful too. I never thought I'd feel confident in front of an audience, especially with English as my second language, but I do. I've actually enjoyed giving three talks at large conferences and really feel proud that I was able to deliver my message well! Thank you, Lynn!

 - Yugeong B, Post Doctoral Research

You were made to rise to the top - to taste the success you’ve always dreamed about.


You are worthy. You are powerful.


You are ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Seize the day and be all that you can be in the Corona work world.

***Satisfaction Guarantee: 100 percent money back guarantee if not completely satisfied after fully participating and completing Level I, Level II and CORE Repatterning private sessions.

These special trainings have a limited number of students, and your presence is important. If you must reschedule your training dates, you can do so without charge two weeks or more in advance by contacting speakersupport@yesyoucanspeaknow.com. There is a $250 change fee if you reschedule with less than 14 days notice. Alternatively, you may transfer your space to a friend, family member, or colleague. Class fees are non-refundable.