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Even In a Recession

If you're not getting the money,
the recognition or the offers you deserve...

It Can Feel Soul Crushing and Unfair ​​

What's In Your Way? 

  • Does the thought of a panel interview make you panic?

  • Do you ever feel like an imposter? 

  • Are you afraid of being rejected (again)?

  • Do you lose your train of thought?

  • Do you feel put on the spot and stumped by interview questions? 

  • Are you unable to articulate why you’re right for the job?

The truth is
People hire people they like.

When you're guarded, tense and worried about being judged...

You will never forge that authentic human connection with the person on the other side of the interview table.


Here's the Secret

  • People who get the job offers lead with trust - not competence 

  • The premise of the interview is about forging a human connection

  • First, the interviewer needs to trust you and like you 

  • Then you can wow them with your skills

If you're freaked out about answering the questions right, all the interviewer will sense is your anxiety and that just makes both of you stressed and uncomfortable.

The good news is that it’s actually easy to learn how to naturally connect in job interviews so YOU CAN BE the one to

ace the interviews and feel the thrill of

multiple job offers


It might not have occurred to you... but making that dazzling impression and landing your dream job is actually a form of public speaking 

The Inspired Speaker Program has successfully upleveled the interview skills of thousands of professionals, especially in the tech world

Find your calm center, be yourself and wow your interviews with your authentic power to show up in the spotlight.

In just 3 months, you will look in the mirror and feel respect, and maybe for the very first time, good enough. 

The Inspired Speaker Program promises a life-changing experience. Are you ready?  

Yes You Can Speak's two-part program
will transform your job interview experience
from lead into gold



 1-1 CORE Repatterning Process 


The biggest obstacle to establishing an authentic connection in a job interview is the dread of being in the spotlight.


Your nervousness literally blocks your interviewer or audience from being able to see and feel the spark inside of you.


Our signature 1-1 CORE Repatterning sessions will have you target the unique problems or triggers that prevent you from connecting and then eliminates them, permanently. In just four private coaching sessions. 

Our students routinely ditch their panic and get excited to speak in front of audiences of 100 or 1,000 because it’s so much fun. AND they start acing their job interviews right away. 



The Inspired Speaker Group Training


Gain insights and practice easy steps that will help you establish rapport and trust in a job interview. 


It’s a highly interactive and individualized workshop on Zoom that’s supportive, positive, and fun.


You'll notice dramatic improvements during our Level I and Level II group trainings -

Acing job interviews, networking and interacting socially with ease, better interpersonal relationships, confident public speaking and so much more.


Our graduates frequently report going from no job offers to multiple job offers as a direct result of this program!

Step Into Your Power! 

 So your interviewers can feel your spark, your excitement and know that you are the right person for the job.

Join the hundreds of students who now have fun interviewing as they receive multiple offers without all the stress.

Many Yes You Can Speak grads have been offered positions at a higher level than they asked for in the interview. 

These invaluable skills enable you to quickly rise through the ranks

Establish a new sense of self-worth and unwavering confidence.


Skyrocket your income by 20 - 150%



Book your free 45-minute Breakthrough Call with Lynn and uncover why it is that you're not the top candidate for your dream job. 

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