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CORE Repatterning

Get Ready Because This Is Nothing Like A Standard Public Speaking Course! 

We won’t work on the content or script for your speech.

There will be no PowerPoint slides.

You won’t have to endure a public critique of your speaking video.


This is a life changing public speaking program to get you speaking like a pro with ZERO fear and feeling great about yourself!

“I’m not your traditional speaking coach. My students can relate to the word Soul and want to speak from their hearts.

Because I focus on building strengths, not picking apart weaknesses, my students move people past their fear of public speaking and find ease in making real audience connections.

Our program is completely out of the box, which is why we consistently achieve life-changing results.”


–Lynn Kirkham 

Standing Ovation

CORE RepatterningTM

CORE Repatterning Coaching Sessions Turn Fear On Its Head

These breakthrough sessions are hands-down the fastest way to remove your blocks so you can step forward, make more money, and find the recognition you deserve. 

Find your voice, step into your power, and grow your influence.


The Inspired Speaker Program promise is this transformational experience!  


If you’re like most people… 

 you know exactly how it feels when FEAR takes over and leaves you floundering - just when you were ready to put your best foot forward in front of the group

  • You plan things out in your head - only to completely go blank when it's your turn to speak. 

  • You over-prepare, or can’t even begin to prepare because the fear keeps you floundering. 

  • You start to speak, but the stuttering, stumbling, or the speed talking knocks you off the rails. 

  • You are too scared to ask questions or share your ideas - so you get overlooked again. 

  • You feel unheard, talked over, and invisible in the boardroom.

  • Your executive presence is weak.

  • Talking with authority figures sends you into a tailspin.

  • It’s difficult to advocate for yourself or ask for a raise or promotion.

  • You feel the call to leadership but aren’t confident enough to inspire others to follow.

  • You can’t connect when speaking to groups, so the audience tunes out and your idea falls flat. 

The good news is that you can change all of that. 


The Inspired Speaker Program is a proven master formula for success, designed specifically to neutralize, reprogram, and desensitize you to public speaking - using scientific techniques to rewire your brain’s neural pathways so you can stop reacting and consciously direct every part of your life.

It is our extraordinary approach that makes our formula simply the best in the industry, clearing the way for you to step up and step out anywhere with confidence - on Zoom, on stage, in the boardroom, with your significant other, in a job interview or making a pitch to get your ideas heard.


The Inspired Speaker Program
Real People. Real Results.

- Lora Olinger Field Assistant at Washington Education Assc.- Yes You Can Speak Graduate

"Yes You Can Speak is like no other training. I have been through many professional development trainings throughout my career, and Lynn blew this one out of the water! This program is transformational and I can't thank Lynn enough for changing my life and career forevermore! I had never been able to speak publicly before, a real professional deficit. You can't help but leave sessions a better human. Lynn teaches you to speak from your heart. The love and care Lynn shows her students goes above and beyond expectations. She makes it fun, informative, and very engaging. The bonding of our group made the overall experience highly inspiring too! I was afraid to say yes, but my friend twisted my arm, and I’m so glad I did.¨

- Lora Olinger Field Assistant at Washington Education Assoc.

Clarify the Root Cause

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Reprogram Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Elevate Your Full Potential


CORE Repatterning™ - developed by Yes You Can Speak’s founder, Lynn Kirkham - is an interactive experience where you and your certified CORE coach uncover the root cause of the emotions that have kept you in disappointing patterns of fear and regret. Then quickly dismantle the underlying emotional triggers that have held you back, shifting the patterns in your nervous system that have been sabotaging your best efforts. 

CORE has proven through thousands of sessions that these unseen emotional patterns can easily be identified and neutralized once and for all.


If you’re like most people, your fear stems from some unfortunate painful or traumatic events in your early years that you may not understand or even remember. These events then set-up a series of protective patterns and triggers in your subconscious mind that limit how you see yourself, how you express yourself, and the power of belief you have in yourself.


CORE Repatterning typically clears away most people’s public speaking fear and all of the painful memories from their past or anticipated future events (like an upcoming presentation) in about 6 hours.

Want to sign up just for 1-1 COACHING?

- Whitney Walker - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- Yes You Can Speak- Public Speaking Program Graduate

¨As a clinical therapist myself, I was amazed at how amazingly fast things shifted for me as a result of my CORE Repatterning sessions. These sessions with Melinda, one of Lynn’s practitioners, were really wonderful, greatly rewarding and restorative. Releasing past traumas and pain felt like a huge emotional weight had been lifted. It was powerful to be witnessed, heard and truly held in my process, and through it I untied myself from the limiting beliefs and false notions that I was my past or those things that happened to me.” 

- Whitney Walker - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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