Get Over Your Public Speaking Fear Once and For All 

 With CORE Repatterning™ 

All those frustrating times - You're prepared, You've thought it all through.


You're ready to share something meaningful.  And then... your words come out jumbled, you start sweating and forgetting.

You're overwhelmed and are probably thinking you'll never find your way through this moment. Ugh!  

We get it.  It's just awful feeling that out of control.  


But what if you could eliminate these body terrors and all the confusion you feel when you’re called to speak up at a meeting or in front of a crowd - whether you're online or in-person? 


We've seen it countless times with the hundreds of professionals we've walked through this process. 


The CORE Repatterning™ breakthrough sessions are hands-down the fastest way to remove your blocks so you can step forward, make more money, and find the recognition you deserve. We can do this together in a matter of hours. 


The body shakes, the nervousness, the rapid heartbeat - Done. Over. Can you imagine the freedom you'd feel:  Ahhh instead of Ugh?   





Here's how it works:

Our signature coaching approach will get you to the root cause of the emotions that have kept you in disappointing patterns of fear and regret, quickly dismantle the underlying emotional triggers that have held you back, and actually shift the patterns in your nervous system that have been sabotaging your best efforts. 

If you are like most people, being afraid to speak in the spotlight can be so debilitating that you may have decided that speaking is just not for you. But here's the big a-ha! The fear is actually created by a recurring pattern in your body's nervous system that can be neutralized once and for all.


More than likely, your fear stems from some unfortunate painful or traumatic events in your early years that you may not understand or even remember. These events then set-up a series of protective patterns and triggers in your subconscious mind that have limited how you see yourself, how you express yourself, and how you believe in yourself.


CORE Repatterning™ is a proven effective system to locate the pattern, clear it, and actually reprogram your nervous system so it no longer has a gripping hold on your sense of self and your ability to get the words out with confidence and enthusiasm.

Whether you are just starting out, or are already a polished speaker looking to hone a special presentation, Yes You Can Speak delivers one-to-one support that will change your future. Guaranteed. 




It’s easier than you think. Freedom from the memories that have kept you playing small typically

takes about six hours of your time.

Clarify the Root Cause

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Reprogram Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Elevate Your Full Potential

Find Your Freedom Now:

  • Release the triggers and events that have you playing small

  • Learn to access your inner guidance

  • Know at your core that you are enough

  • Recognize that what you have to say matters

  • Access your power and influence

Anne Threrese.jpeg

CORE helped me release deeply buried blockages within me that had stopped me from feeling comfortable in my truth for almost all of my life. When I was put in a spot to be interviewed live with the BBC world news, with little to no preparation, it occurred to me how much this training has helped. Yes, I was nervous, probably the most nervous I've ever been, but somehow I was able to collect myself and deliver for the moment. It was like I unleashed the source of knowledge and confidence within me and I was able to speak my truth with love.

I've always known I wanted to be a public speaker and being on stage gives me so much excitement. I've spoken in many circumstances before, but afterward, I'd always felt like I didn't deliver and that, even if I did, I had somehow made a fool of myself. I'm drawn to the stage but in the past was attacked by thoughts from nowhere telling me that I don't deserve to be there and that whatever I have to say is not actually worthy of being heard.

What Lynn helped me with that made all the difference was understanding how much my past and early memories had shaped who I am and how I think about myself today. She helped me remember and release old junk that had been holding me back for so long. By doing so, I was able to let my inner voice free. With my BBC interview, the spotlight directed at me was the biggest one I've ever received. So I am so grateful for the ways Lynn has helped prepare me for exactly moments like those, when you have no time to prepare but when your authentic voice matters more than ever.

- Anne Therese Gennari, Co-founder of Role Models Management