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My English Isn’t Good Enough for Public Speaking

What would it feel like to stop carrying around the burden and belief that your English isn’t good enough? 


Many Yes You Can Speak participants

have shared that they felt embarrassed or not good enough by the way they speak English:

  • “I don’t say things right.”

  • “I wish I’d learned English at a better school.”

  • “My accent can’t be understood.”

  • “If I make grammar mistakes, people will think I’m stupid.”

  • “I can’t always find the right words. My vocabulary is too limited.”

  • “My diction is so bad—I worry people won’t respect me.” 

  • “I find myself staying silent instead of speaking up. I feel invisible.”

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Team Building Session

And all too often,
“My English isn’t good enough”


“I’m not good enough.” Ugh.

The Truth is.....

The truth is, the majority of our communication is nonverbal. And a 12th grade command of the English language is all you really need. Even if you have a higher level it’s often best to tone it down.


Chances are your content is pretty good already because you’re good at what you do. How you present is what matters most; not the words. The truth is that your audience wants to hear what you have to say. This means that you can finally stop going crazy over your words!


“Believe it or not, over 1,000 ESL speakers who graduated from our program initially told us they needed accent reduction or a better vocabulary to be a good public speaker. But only a few of them actually did!”

–Lynn Kirkham

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Worrying  about your English

speaking skills actually  

creates barriers when you speak

If you believe your speaking isn’t good enough, it stops the flow of your genius, and speaking up becomes ten times harder.


That’s because typically when you’re nervous... your guard goes up and your voice gets quieter - shrinking both your posture and your confidence. If your super nervous, your hesitation can completely shut your down. 


When you shut down, your audience can't make the connection you want to establish. The audience needs to feel your enthusiasm and your heartfelt desire to share your message.

When your brilliance is blocked by worries that your English isn’t good enough, it's frustrating for you and your audience.

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What if you could let go of the fear

that your accent will be judged

and you will be rejected?


Successful public speaking isn’t just about crafting solid content. What’s equally important is whether your audience believes that you care about your topic, and about them too. They want to feel that you’re speaking from your heart and not from your head. 


Ultimately, it’s about your presence. When you have a confident executive presence your audience will completely forget about your accent, and so will you. Your fear of being judged will fall away. 


And the good news is, with us by your side, it will be quick and easy for you to create a memorable presence and deliver a persuasive presentation you are proud of.

The first step is trusting that together we can get you there. I promise, you’ll experience it and see the proof for yourself. We have a 98% success rate!


In our Yes You Can Speak program, you’ll speak dozens of times in an immensely supportive and positive environment. 


Our unique method is backed by science. Not only will you speak better but you will create new neural pathways in your brain to help you create stronger relationships and a whole lot more possibilities in your life too.


By the way, this is not a typical corporate public speaking class. You won’t be critiqued. You won’t memorize a script. You won’t have to watch videos of yourself speaking or be judged and feel humiliated in front of a group. Woohoo! In fact it is probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Many say it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done for themselves. 


It’s super safe, you’ll work in small groups and you’ll get plenty of personal coaching to build your confidence. Some people instantly transform; others do it gradually during the class. Either way, you’ll go from fear to confidence. And you’ll have fun too.

But Lynn, how can I be sure it will work?

Real People,
Real Results

"Lynn has helped me to feel confident while public speaking in English"- Gokul