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The Inspired Speaker Program

The Inspired Speaker Program is an integrated, multi-dimensional experience that utterly transforms people.

The Inspired Speaker Program

What if it was possible to be calm and at ease when you’re in the spotlight? Imagine the freedom you'd feel.

This 3-month program transforms terrified public speakers into confident, skilled speakers and leaders.

  • Eliminate your fear of public speaking for good

  • Easily and effectively share your message and expertise with any audience 

  • Learn to speak impromptu, trusting that you’ll find the right words

  • Develop your leadership presence, to inspire your audience or land your next job promotion

  • Transform your interpersonal relationships for the better, as people who know you start to see you in a new light

Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position. –Brian Tracy

The Inspired Speaker Program includes three parts:

CORE Repatterning.png

1. Part of the Inspired Speaker Program

CORE Repatterning™ – Eliminate Your Fear

Eliminate Your Fear of Speaking for Good

Together we’ll identify and clear memories and defense mechanisms that hold you back from being your most confident and authentic self. Eliminate the root causes of your public speaking and social anxiety fears for good. Your past vulnerable and embarrassing events are keeping you stuck and together we can release them.

➤ 4 private coaching calls

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2.Part of the Inspired Speaker Program

Level I – Speak Like a Pro 

Connect with Your Audience & Inspire Them

Go from “What are they thinking of me?” to “How can I best serve my audience?”

Hone your ability to hold people’s attention and connect in a way that makes them feel truly seen. Become at ease in the spotlight while serving the highest needs of your audience.

➤ 4 skill-building group Zoom sessions 


3.Part of the Inspired Speaker Program

Level II – Lead like a Pro

Step into Your Leadership Presence

Expand your executive presence and personal brand, and confidently own the room. Deliver your message to audiences large and small, and handle impromptu questions with ease. Discover how to bring out the best in yourself and those around you.

➤ 4 skill-building Zoom sessions in a group

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How does the program work?

Big picture, in the class sessions you’ll be rewiring your brain and nervous system to stop reacting to public speaking as a risk or threat that needs to be avoided to keep you safe. You’ll be educating your brain and nervous system so that they no longer need to protect or prevent you from speaking (by causing dread, fear, and panic or by causing you to forget your words, freeze up, ramble, mumble, cry, or freak out.)

With the new skills you’ll receive during the Inspired Speaker Program, your brain and body will become utterly convinced that those old habits are now obsolete.

  • You will know, and feel at your core that public speaking is a safe, positive, and powerful experience.

  • Perhaps for the first time ever, you’ll feel excited about the opportunity to speak and know you’ll do it well.

  • You’ll have fun in the spotlight as you confidently share your ideas, opinions, and expertise.

  • You’ll develop and demonstrate the skills that allow you to impact and move your audience. 

  • You’ll be proud of what you said and happy with how you said it.

It’s an extraordinary and transformative experience! As you step into your power, it’s absolutely life-changing.

How on earth does a class full of terrified public speakers transform into great public speakers?

Sounds nearly impossible, right? Yet we have a 98% success rate, year after year. Here are some of the success principles designed into the program to get those results:


➤ Success Principle #1: Clear the fear

The Inspired Speaker Program goes where traditional public speaking classes fail to go. It directly finds and removes the root causes of the fear of public speaking and then replaces those deep inward-facing fear responses with a strong foundation of confidence and an easy, outward-facing ability to connect with others in an audience.

This three-step process takes just three months:

Step 1

We identify the root causes of your fear of public speaking and eliminate them methodically, one by one. This is done in private online coaching sessions with a certified practitioner, following Lynn Kirkham’s CORE Repatterning process. 

This signature approach will reprogram your brain so you’re no longer at the mercy of old fearful patterns that have been sabotaging your best efforts.

You’ll eliminate old and unconscious blocks and permanently reset your nervous system so you become excited about public speaking and leadership while inspiring your audiences every time. Learn more about CORE Repatterning.  [Link to that page]

Step 2

Once the root causes of your fears are cleared out of your nervous system, the Level I - Speak Like a Pro class we fill that cleared space to the brim with new positive habits and confidence, and new positive experiences speaking to small audiences in a safe and supportive environment. Learn more about Level I. [Link to that page]

Step 3

Finally, to solidify your new outlook and skills and to ensure that you make a permanent shift, in Level II - Lead Like a Pro, we continue to add positive, small and large group speaking experiences, while building your leadership presence, and adding more tips and techniques to expand your impact. Learn more about Level II. [Link to that page]

Most of our students take the classes in order, for optimal results. In particular, it’s ideal to take CORE Repatterning first, so that your fear responses are not as extreme when speaking in the Level I and Level II classes. However, there are many good reasons that some students take the classes in another sequence, or just take one class, or take one now and the others later. Don’t hesitate to book a call on our Calendly page [add a link] to discuss your goals and ask questions about what’s right for you.


➤ Success Principle #2: Provide a truly safe class environment

The Inspired Speaker Program is a safe environment.

This is incredibly important for nervous speakers who view public speaking as one of their biggest nightmares. Many speaking classes aren’t safe and can even be traumatizing. Not this program.

We infuse the program with support at every step, so that you can trust that nothing bad will happen:

  • No exercise or activity in the program is mandatory. You won’t be forced to do anything or shamed for opting out of anything.

  • We focus on positive encouragement and celebrating your wins, big and small. Your speaking won’t be criticized or negatively judged. You won’t be mocked or graded.

  • We make it easy for you to learn to be comfortable in the spotlight and succeed with public speaking. You won’t be thrown into the deep end of the pool and asked to deliver a long presentation. Instead, you’ll make steady, incremental progress in short, achievable steps that add up fast.

You’ll be supported and high-fived all along the way! Your fellow students will encourage you and give you feedback on what you did well. Your instructors will build and protect the positive environment continuously so that you can make rapid progress and even enjoy the process.

It’s shocking, we know; check out some of our many videos from past students for inspiration!

I want to either add another video testimonial here or a slider testimonial. Which do you think?

➤ Success Principle #3: Create permanent change

How does the Inspired Speaker Program work?

The Inspired Speaker Program is multi-dimensional to accelerate your speaker skill-building and confidence-building—in a way that completely replaces your old fears for good.

Our process isn’t a one-way lecture where you take notes. We’ve integrated a large array of exercises, private coaching, small-group and big-group practice sessions, visualizations, examples, techniques and tips, neuroscience, insights, active listening, positive feedback, viewpoints, connections, and much more.

This makes it possible for new patterns and skills to truly sink in. New habits become ingrained in your brain and nervous system, so that you can really make big strides quickly. By the end of the program, you’ll have all the building blocks. You’ll have practiced them and made them part of you. Also—the classes and people you’ll meet are a ton of fun.

In addition to having many speaking opportunities in class, you’ll support and hone your speaking experiences by learning to:

  • Transform your self-image and self-talk

  • Frame your intentions and mindset to improve your results and change how you are perceived

  • Ground yourself in ways that help you focus outwardly to connect with your audiences while speaking

  • Instantly create energy and charisma when you want it

  • Become a leader who’s worth following

These many layers weave together into a lasting, unbreakable core foundation.  

It's more than just a public speaking program, it's about you stepping into the next best version of yourself.

In short, you’ll develop every part of you that impacts your speaking and leadership success—body, mind, heart, and soul.

Who is the Inspired Speaker Program for?

Chances are, our founder, Lynn Kirkham, used to be as fearful of speaking as you are right now, if not more. She was so deathly afraid of public speaking at her high tech Silicon Valley job, that she actually paid her colleagues to give talks for her. Until she got caught. Read Lynn’s story. [Link to this – is this a video in a blog post? I forget where it is.]

Lynn created the Inspired Speaker Program as a shortcut for the process she developed that worked miraculously for her. The program’s methodology works so well, that we have a 98% success rate. If you complete the 3-month program and it doesn’t work, we’ll refund your money, guaranteed. It’s rare; we’ve done this on average with one student per year.

Woohoo! Let's celebrate that you’ve finally found a proven process that will work for you. It’s a speaking and leadership program like no other.


 The program works because it’s neuroscience-based, experiential, and dynamic. The momentum builds and builds—and every step forward you take is positively reinforced to reveal your secret sauce.

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products.
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Skyler Adelson

Our Students


Our Students

When you come to our program you may already be an expert on the topics you want to speak about, and you’re passionate about sharing your ideas. Chances are you’ve already learned how to create a slide deck and craft a script, or can Google it. You’ve likely already tried traditional public speaking and leadership classes and coaches.

Yet… you remain terrified of speaking and leading! You’re unable to deliver your presentations in a way that connects with people and inspires them. You don’t see a solution and you may feel stuck.  Often, other speaking situations are a challenge too—

  • You hold back in meetings and can’t share your ideas

  • You get passed over for promotions to leadership positions

  • You experience social anxiety

  • You feel invisible in conversations even with friends and family, or get interrupted

  • The volume or sound of your voice, or your accent, may be holding you back too

In short, you haven’t found a way to get unstuck. Yet you’re SO eager and ready to get past this barrier in your life and move to the next level toward your goals.

The good news is, the methods in the Inspired Speaker Program work quickly. It’s a 3-month weekly program that meets online. By the end, most students are actively seeking more opportunities to speak in front of larger groups because it’s become so much fun and so energizing for them. They’re shocked by this, and thrilled by the bigger impact they can make in the world by sharing their message with new and bigger audiences!

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