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From beginning public speaking to TEDx talks,
Yes You Can Speak
will quickly build your confidence to speak like a pro. 
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Why are Speaker Breakthrough Sessions free?

These working sessions are the first step in our signature process. Because so many people fear public speaking, we want to make it SUPER easy to take the first step, and we want to give you huge value by helping you to identify exactly why you get fearful or just can’t find the right words to say when you are in the spotlight. Because if you don’t figure this out you will continue to get triggered when the stakes are high.

You will understand firsthand the amazing personal breakthroughs in ALL areas of your life that happen quickly with our non-traditional process. And experience your first results during this session! You’ll also see how we work.


The great majority of people who attend a Speaker Breakthrough Session then register for our program to finish the transformation process because it will make a permanent shift in how they feel in front of a group.


But there’s no obligation when you sign up for your Speaker Breakthrough Session. A small number of people decide not to do more — usually because they want a traditional public speaking coach. In those cases, we happily refer them to other coaches.

Don’t hesitate to book your free Speaker Breakthrough Session. It will be amazing.

Image by Sean Sinclair
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